Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist

When looking for a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, how do you know you've found the right one? You might be looking for a very experienced cosmetic dentist – Dr. Kourosh Maddahi has been transforming smiles for 20 years. Maybe you want a thoroughly educated dentist with the latest equipment and technology – Dr. Maddahi and his staff are trained in the most current advances in cosmetic dentistry. Or perhaps you want a caring doctor who has great communication skills – Kourosh Maddahi, DDS is one of the kindest and most caring dentists around; he loves hearing from his patients and considers them to be friends more than patients.

Before Cosmetic Recontouring After Cosmetic Recontouring
Before & After Cosmetic Recontouring

Should you be concerned about the artistic ability of your cosmetic dentist? Absolutely! Dr. Maddahi is a modern-day Michelangelo in the field of dentistry and your mouth could be his Sistine Chapel! From the moment a new patient walks into the room and smiles at Dr. Maddahi, he begins to create in his mind how your new smile will be. He is able to spot the differences in people's faces – their noses, lips, cheeks and actual smile; from there, he knows what smile will look most attractive and natural for each individual patient.

In addition to performing cosmetic dental procedures in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi practices basic dentistry. His skill all levels is truly amazing, especially for such a personable dentist. He is trusted and respected because he takes his time with each patient to ensure they get exactly the smile they were hoping for.

Dr. Kourosh Maddahi's reputation has helped him to grow a very large group of patients. His patients highly recommend him to their friends and family, therefore many of his new patients are from word of mouth.

We hope that Dr. Maddahi's education and background combined with his courtesy and friendliness will bring you to choose him as your cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. He is a seasoned veteran with patience, notoriety and great credibility. He is the cosmetic dentist you've been looking for.

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