Dr. Maddahi's patients love to share their successes.

With shame I kept my mouth shut – hiding away. Checking with other dentists I found they took too long. Appointments were a month and a half apart. The next day I came to see Dr. Maddahi for my initial exam. The next day the hygienist cleaned my teeth and a week later I had my temporary teeth. My wife has never seen my full smile until now – not for 20 years. When you ask me about cost I can tell you it was worth it. The cost was on par with all the other dental work I have had. However, the care was wonderful. Everybody cares at Dr. Maddahi's office. I remember when I first walked in I was embarrassed and ashamed in a room full of beautiful teeth. It was gentle, quick, and very professional. I not as self-conscious anymore - I'm having to re-learn how to smile. I saw my daughter and she was surprised how well I looked. She said, "You're looking so young!" It took her a while and I then told her I got my teeth fixed. It was nice to get that reaction from her.

I have a bright smile and a bright future. I'm not self conscious anymore. For a good twenty years I use to half grin with my mouth shut. I got the wrong reaction from others. It was often interpreted that I was a surly guy. I was encountering that and people were backed off because I couldn't use my face to express myself because I was hiding my smile.

Thank you. My wife – I started crying in her arms when I walked in the house after I got the temporaries and she was really happy she introduced me to Dr. Maddahi. She said she felt guilty because I was the one upset about my teeth and she was the one who got hers done first! Mr. E

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